Meat and Potatoes


It’s raining, it’s the end of summer so I may as well bust out the red meat! Dinner of the night was meatloaf, which is nothing special, just your run of the mill loaf of ground beef. For the side though I decided to try something a little different, something i had just discovered recently and hadn’t had the chance to try, hassleback potatoes, or Swedish Baked Potatoes. The end result was fantastic and a nice mix to the usual baked potato. To start take a russet potato, any number depending on the number being served, and slice them almost all the way through in thin slices the length of the potato so it looks like a bouquet of potato chips. Once this is done for all of your potatoes place them on a cookie sheet or flat baking sheet and slide sliced garlic between every few slice, I did every other. Drizzle your potatoes with extra virgin olive oil and add a generous portion of cracked sea salt and cracked pepper over each one. Once the potatoes are seasoned smear a table spoon of margarine or unsalted butter over each potato and bake at 425 degrees for 30 minutes, reduce heat to 350 and back for an additional hour. I used the additional garlic cloves to dice and add into the meatloaf with minced onion, salt and pepper. To compliment the dish were fresh green beans.  It is not the most fancy meal in the world, but when it’s too wet for grilling and you’re looking for something a little different, it’s a great option!



About fireandicesaltandpepper

I am a firefighter/ paramedic in the town of Sterling, MA. I have been in this field for close to 10 years. Nothing relaxes me more after a shift than coming to my kitchen, cracking a beer, and creating something amazing for dinner!
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One Response to Meat and Potatoes

  1. Jesse says:

    looks realley good erik i think ill have to try that potato idea looks good!!!!!

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