Brewing Beer

I’m a bit of a homebrewing hobbyist when it comes to beer. I still buy the prepackaged ingredients boxes but I experiment with them, adding a little something something here or there. Today I am brewing a chocolate stout.

When you hear stout everyone thinks Guinness and their first reaction is, “Oh it’s so heavy, it’s like meal!” This couldn’t be further from the truth! Stouts are some of the smoothest, most refreshing, drinkable beers you can find. Why do you think every pub in Ireland has them on tap?

I am forgoing my usual format and not posting the recipe because it is not mine. I simply tweaked it a little. I took a basic Irish Stout recipe and added whole cocoa beans, once when adding the bittering hops and again for the last 15 minutes of boiling the wort. I also added a little bit of vanilla extract. This is my first time messing around with a stout so I will update accordingly. Until then, enjoy the pics of the initial brewing!


About fireandicesaltandpepper

I am a firefighter/ paramedic in the town of Sterling, MA. I have been in this field for close to 10 years. Nothing relaxes me more after a shift than coming to my kitchen, cracking a beer, and creating something amazing for dinner!
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